The Organizing Committee of the Conference

International Conference “Education Across Borders”
Florina, 5-7 October 2012
The Organizing Committee of the Conference
President of the Committee
  • Charalambos Lemonidis (Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Education,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Konstantinos Dinas (Professor, President of the Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Western Macedonia)
  • Konstantinos Fotiadis (Professor, President of the Department of Primary Education,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Anastasia Alevriadou (Associate Professor,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Sofia Iliadou-Tachou (Associate Professor,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Ifigenia Vamvakidou (Associate Professor,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Eleni Griva (Assistant Professor,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Giorgos Iordanidis (Assistant Professor,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Kostas Kasvikis (Lecturer,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Triantafyllos Kotopoulos (Lecturer,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Anastasia Stamou (Lecturer,University of Western Macedonia)
  • Ilias Indos (Administrative staff, Secretary of the Dean)
Secretary of the Conference
  • Angeliki Maggou, Undergraduate student
  • Anna Agiovlasiti, Undergraduate student
  • Apostolos Pougaridis, Educator
  • Christos Bragiannis, Undergraduate student
  • Eleni Korosidou, Postgraduate student
  • Eleni Malaina, Undergraduate student
  • Evaggelia Svirou, Postgraduate student
  • Evelina Aristidou, Postgraduate student
  • Evrikomi Savva, Postgraduate student
  • Katerina Balasi, Postgraduate student
  • Katerina Gigopoulou, Undergraduate student
  • Kostantina Karakoula, Postgraduate student
  • Kostas Efthymiadis, Administrative staff
  • Lazaros Melissas, Administrative staff
  • Machi Solaki, Undergraduate student
  • Maria Massi, Postgraduate student
  • Panagiota Christodoulou, Undergraduate student
  • Panagiota Mastori, Undergraduate student
  • Panagiotis Papacharalampous, Educator
  • Paraskevi Pougaridou, Postgraduate student
  • Paraskevi Tsigeni, Postgraduate student
  • Pavlos Stayridis, Educator
  • Spyros Mpouras, Undergraduate student
  • Vasiliki Karamerou, Postgraduate student