Conference Proceedings


I am pleased and honored to present the e-book edition of the 1st International Conference entitled: “Education Across Borders”, held in Florina on October 5- 7, 2012, as part of the educational / scientific cooperation of the three neighbouring Faculties of Education:
  1. Florina Faculty of Education of the University of Western Macedonia (Greece)
  2. Korca Faculty of Education of Fan S. Noli University (Albania)
  3. Bitola Faculty of Education of St. Kliment Ohridski University (FYROM)
The conference was planned in 2011, after an exchange of visits by delegations of academic staff of the three institutions, with the purpose to establish harmonious neighboring relations and scientific cooperation, as well as to strengthen  the bonds with neighboring universities aiming at the cross border scientific and cultural development.
During the conference, the syllabi of the Faculties of Education of the three Universities were presented, some scientific ideas and views were exchanged and suggestions were made about prospective collaboration at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
In the opening-day plenary, some selected papers related to cross-border educational cooperation were presented, while in the second day of the conference presentations and lectures as well as round tables were held, which covered the following thematic strands:
  1. History and Culture
  2. Information and Communications Technology
  3. Language and Literature
  4. Mathematics and Science
  5. Pedagogy and Psychology
In total, 149 abstracts were submitted to the conference, having been prepared by 247 authors (155 authors from Greece, 43 from Albania and the 49 from FYROM). The total number of presented papers was 119, with 72 papers from Greece, 18 papers from Albania and 29 papers  from FYROM.
Drawing attention to the successful outcomes of the conference that were achieved, we highlight the valuable opportunities provided with, for making future exchanges and collaborations between academics  of the three Faculties of Education. In this context, the Korca Faculty of Education of Fan. S. Noli University will host the 2nd Conference, which will be held on October 2014.
It is my hope that this institution will be established and the targets, which were set, will be achieved.
Prof. Charalampos. Lemonidis
Dean of the Faculty Of Education