1st Thematic Issue, December 2014

menon_issue_1st_special_2014_001.jpgThe Faculty Of Education announces the publication of the 1st Thematic Issue of MENON: Journal Of Educational Research
The scope of the MEJER is broad, both in terms of topics covered and disciplinary perspective, since the journal attempts to make connections between fields, theories, research methods, and scholarly discourses, and welcomes contributions on humanities, social sciences and sciences related to educational issues. It publishes original empirical and theoretical papers as well as reviews. Topical collections of articles appropriate to MEJER regularly appear as special issues (thematic issues).
Behaviour of students, teachers and future teachers in mental calculation and estimation
Research in Mathematics Education is a significant area of educational research, which is Included in the topics of this journal. Behaviour of students, teachers and future teachers in mental calculation and estimation” has been chosen as the subject for this special issue on the ground of a number of reasons wich are presented below.
Over the past decades, many studies have been conducted in the field of mental calculations and estimation and more precisely in relation to the definition of these concepts, the identification of the strategies used by various age groups, the relationship with other concepts, such as number sense, the procedural and conceptual understanding among others.
Many educational systems have updated the teaching of numbers and operations in mathematics, incorporating mental calculations and estimations in their elementary and middle education curricula.
Nowadays, it is considered timely to conduct research in the implementation of the teaching of mental calculation and estimation with whole and rational numbers as well as the recording of students’ behaviour and the training of pre-service and in-service teachers in theses concepts.
During the last decade, researches on mental computation and estimation with rational numbers has been conducted in the Laboratory of “Nature and Life Mathematic” at the University of Western Macedonia, some of which are presented in this issue.
Most of the papers included in this issue, refer to mental calculations and estimations with rational numbers, a topic that is not very common in the literature and covers a wide age range including elementary school students, adults, as well as pre- and in-service teachers. The researches are presented according to the age range of the participants. 
This open access journal welcomes papers in English, as well in German and French. Allsubmitted manuscripts undergo a peer-review process. Based on initial screening by the editorial board, each paper is anonymized and reviewed by at least two referees.  Referees are reputed within their academic or professional setting, and come from Greece and other European countries. In case one of the reports is negative, the editor decides on its publication.
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