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Journal Article


MENON ©online Journal Of Educational Research, 4th Issue, April 2017, University of Western Macedonia - Faculty of Education, Issue 4, Florina, Greece, p.11 (2017)


childhood, early childhood education, educational discourse, images


This study explores the ways though which childhood is constructed as a social category in educational discourse. 112 early childhood education undergraduate students, 30 novice and 30 experienced kindergarten teachers participated in the study.  Participants were asked to write down freely their views about the characteristics of childhood and children’s ability to take decisions for matters that concerned them. Results highlight the dominant discourses that provide an image of childhood as a homogeneous social category with deficit characteristics.  Differences among the three groups of participants were observed.  Namely, undergraduate students constructed a romantic and ideal image of childhood, novice EC teachers constructed an image of children as capable agents, while experienced EC teachers emphasized more on the role of the adult and on contextual factors in the formation of childhood

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