MENON online Journal Of Educational Research, Issue 2b

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University of Western Macedonia - Faculty of Education, Issue 2b, Florina, Greece, p.138 (2013)


2013, 2nd Issue, menon

The Faculty Of Education announces the publication of the 2nd Issue (2b) of MENON: Journal Of Educational Research

This open access journal welcomes papers in English, as well in German and French.

All submitted manuscripts undergo a peer-review process. Based on initial screening by the editorial board, each paper is anonymized and reviewed by at least two referees.  Referees are reputed within their academic or professional setting, and come from Greece and other European countries. In case one of the reports is negative, the editor decides on its publication.

MENON © is published at University of Western Macedonia – Faculty Of Education.


Download the 2nd (2b) issue from here.