Publication Type:

Journal Article


MENON ©online Journal Of Educational Research, 2nd Thematic Issue, University of Western Macedonia - Faculty of Education, Issue 2, Florina, Greece, p.21 (2016)


geometry, instruments, measurement of distances, technics, trisection of angle


The role of instruments had been underestimated widely in history, including in the case of the geometry, and that is linked with the Aristotelian partition between theory and technique. In this paper we work with a new thinking on technique, proposed recently in the texts of Simondon and Rabardel. To introduce an instrumental approach of geometrical teaching for students aged 11-14 years, we choose to examine beginnings of a geometrical thought in history. Our purpose is to show how an instrument can be conceived both as an invention to solve problems and as a knowledge or theorem in action. With some examples, we analyze the dynamical process by which an instrument can be involved in the introduction of geometrical notions and in the construction of mental schemes. In particular, we stress on the links between different varieties of instruments and different kinds of knowledge and we show the consequences of an instrumental failure for construction of new knowledge. Our goal is not a heteroclite using of instruments in teaching but a coherent using where teaching is based on families of instruments


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