Suela Pici (Koҫa): A Comparative Insight into English and Albanian Set Phrases

It is well known that speakers do not use words in isolation but within the frame of discourse. Words vary their meanings according to different collocations they have in discourse at the moment they are used. When these collocations are lexicalized they become set phrases (idioms), which have particular meanings in a given language. Because of their particular meanings, these phrases are very difficult to be taught and learned, especially from one language to another.
Albanian teachers teaching ESL to Albanian students encounter a lot of difficulties when it comes to these set phrases.
This article includes an introductory section about set phrases or expressions or idioms in general. Then what follows is a general overview of how these phrases are presented in English textbooks (Masterclass series) of different levels for Albanian learners of English as a second language. Several issues and problems that are related with their teaching will be mentioned and in the end we try to give some suggestions and recommendations.