Through the work of Visar Zhiti discovered that nothing resists it human qualities. Dirty books that Albanian sweeten reality prior to 1990, is not considered immoral, because they lacked the real, was not embraced as nihilistic and not doctrine of Augustine. The purpose of this study is an exploration of novels The Streets of Hell and The Hell Slot, where the author leaves behind function, provides resounding literary discourse to specific environments, which differentiates to create within his body, with indirect impact on its structure. Through its core enabled the preservation of truth, beauty. Observes that expressing through subjektives, forging personal aesthetics as it is. The true art is more valuable than the ordinary real life, well being extraordinarily articulate, imaginative, which in reality where he was strongest survived.
Suffered and suffers keenly, because to the present time is imprisoned in the wounds of the past, feels the pain of another disaster, the tragic, who said even to those who martyred. Forgive and takes a fraction of the pain and distress to those who injured him and obscured his life.
Entry into the dark recesses of human life and meaning to, wanting an explanation of the unknown, as an essence of art in general. The article brings in poetry and interpretation assistance.