Alexandros N. Akritopoulos: Seven Languages one Poem: Poetry as Leaven for multi / intercultural Education

It’s well known that the folk-song, the ballade “Tou nekrou adelfou” in Greek version, is a common property in Balkan’s peoples culture. Nowadays, we all have experienced that multicultural and intercultural education means different things to different people. In our presentation we intend to show how Poetry could be used as leaven for multi/intercultural education.
The inter-textual approach of this teaching material (Seven Languages one Poem, that is to say different national languages but one international poem) will provide us a model or a frame for multi/intercultural education. The historical and geographical context, which is reflected in the main theme of the poem, is this in which Balkan’s peoples live, that is to say work and live in a foreign country.
The main goals will be: Outline common thoughts and feelings of Balkan’s peoples in common historical situations that cross national borders: living abroad, living in family, love of family’s members. Accept otherness (cultural pluralism). Subvert, in schools of Balkan’s countries and in all over the world, the strong feeling of “xenitia” and convert it into feeling of “xenia”, because of neighborhood and common cultural conditions, values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours but also now because of the mondialisation of the economy.