Vladimir Talevski: Importance of the teaching methods and procedures in the music education in primary school teaching

Didactic- methodic determination of teaching music education refers of the way to realize this kind of teaching in terms of curriculum, planning instruction, teaching staff, teaching resources and aids, forms of educational work, and certainly one of the important segments represent the application of appropriate methods and procedures as well. The methodic as a didactic discipline examines the legalities of teaching any subject, and also the subject musical education. There are several types of instructional methods and procedures and their grouping is studied by a number of didactics, over their classification. Respecting all of the classification analogies can be seen that the choice of classification depends on the multiplicity of integrals nor the current players and segments of teaching and learning communication.
Taking into account the specifics of teaching music education, such as the contents of any particular areas of activities (singing, listening to music, playing CMI, music games, music and movement, children’s musical expression and creation), the differences in the methods of their realization, proactive stakeholder learning through practical activities of students (the only possible), the most adequate for this king of education is a classification of teaching methods, which sets number of didactics based on patterns of student activity.