Vasilika Pojani: The rate of listening skill integration in teaching EFL. A case study in schools of Korca

The purpose of this research is to look into the importance listening as a skill has in English language teaching and comprehension, the place it occupies among other skills and the implementation of listening strategies by our English teachers at present. Besides the theoretical part of the paper where the reasons for listening instruction, the techniques and activities throughout its stages and listening strategies are involved, this paper mostly relies on the results that come out from a survey conducted with the English teachers of the 9-th grade and high school teachers of our city on listening skill. The research is based on a listening strategy questionnaire, where 50 English teachers were required to complete it considering the place listening occupies in their English teaching classes and the frequency of different activities and techniques used in listening process. The results of the survey indicate that there is still more to be done by teachers of English on listening teaching in general and its strategies in particular to successfully  listen and effectively improve students’ ability in comprehension.