Tsakiridou Eleni, Kakalopoulou Georgia, Karamanidou Athina, Papadopoulou Ourania, Tziouvara Maria-Rafaela: ECONOMIC CRISIS AND EDUCATION IN GREECE


This study attempts to investigate the influence of the economic crisis in Greek Education. Only OECD in 2009 stated the application of educational reforms in Greek education due to the crisis, without investigating the direct impacts on education. Data of our research were obtained in 2012 from a questionnaire administrated to 60 parents, 60 teachers and 180 students, which involved questions regarding the impacts from the economic crisis on: the educational process, the teachers-students relations, the typical school functions, the complementary/supplementary education, the decisions and family planning concerning their children’s educational and professional future and the organization and administration of education. Results showed that apart from the complementary/supplementary education, other fields have been affected by the financial crisis. It is necessary the re-conduct of the research during the coming years, as the financial crisis continues and the size of its impact on education cannot yet be estimated.
MENON: Journal Of Educational Research, http://www.edu.uowm.gr/site/journal (ISSN: 1792-8494)