Tatjana Bozinovska: Assessing students’ cultural knowledge. New Blueprint intermediate (a case-study)

This case-study deals with techniques and instruments used in assessing students’ cultural knowledge. These techniques and instruments originally developed by the author aim at assessing the three dimensions in culture teaching, and namely:
  • knowledge (savoirs)
  • know-how (savoir-faire)
  • being (savoir-être)
Each dimension of intercultural communicative competence covers different aspects of learning. Consequently, the techniques and instruments of assessment will vary accordingly in order to assess the students as efficiently as possible.
The techniques and instruments are applied with regard to unit 28 in New Blueprint intermediate students’ book (Brian Abbs & Ingrid Freebairn (1995) New Blueprint intermediate. Longman.)
The author hopes to be able to share this experience and highlight some crucial aspects of culture teaching, the fifth dimension in language teaching which is so pertinent to achieving the so much desired cultural competence.