Sofia Kastanidou, Georgios Iordanidis: The contribution of School Principal of Secondary Education in the induction of novice teachers in Greece


This study attempts to investigate the contribution of school Principals in the induction of novice teachers in the Region of Thessaly, Greece. Data were obtained from a questionnaire administrated to 246 school Principals of Secondary Education in autumn 2010. Based on the 173 filled questionnaires of school Principals and the review of extant literature, the following findings were established: a) There is a discrepancy between the personal opinion of the Principals and the daily practice at schools. So, although there is availability and willingness from principal’s side to support the induction of novice teachers, in daily practice obstacles occur preventing them from making their desire come true. b) Women Principals compared with men Principals exhibit smaller discrepancy between theoretical point of view and what they actually do.