Pavllo Cicko, Mihallaq Zilexhiu, Suela Koça: How to organize complex learning activities with students in order to enhance their performance in French

Introduction of learning activities are materialized in different didactical units and their order. The goals aimed through these activities are different. They are closely connected to the linguistic communicative content, learning and teaching.
In our paper we will treat the relation or rapport between the selection of such activities with the concept of learning. The role of these activities will be considered within the frame of communicative method of teaching.
In the paper a very important part will be covered by a thorough didactical analysis of some activities presented in the book ‘Sans frontiers’ and ‘Cartes sur table’ and several operations that will be used for their application. The students’ expectations will be taken into consideration and their skills will be stimulated in order to realize the complex character of learning activities. All these will accomplish the realization another crucial demand of the learning process. This will have its impact on the success of pedagogical activity inside the class and out of it.