Paraskevi Delkousi: Saint Naum

 In a small village called Armenohori near Florina, there is a famous church of Saint Naum in the center of the square. The church was built in 1956 on the bases of an older church which has the same name as the previous one.
   The architecture of the church is basilica, with a dome at the top and it’s decorated with wooden icons which are very valuable but some of them are still undetermined.
   Saint Naum was a student and close associate of Saint Cyril and Methodius. Saint Naum was fighting together with Saint Cyril and Methodius until the end of his life to spread Orthodoxy to the heathen nations. After the invitation of the rulers Vori-Michael and his son Simeon, Naum was mainly active in the southern Serbia. On the other side of the Lake in Ohrid, on a small rock he erected a Monastery from 893-900. This Monastery also bears his name. He died there on 23 December 910.
   Saint Naum was called “doctor of souls”, but he did many other miracles, as is known in our area the legend in which Saint ordered the bear to replace the ox plows that he had devoured and to help itself the poor farmer to finish plowing his fields. Mural depictions of this event exist in the vestibule of the church in Armenohori and in the Monastery in Ohrid.
   The memory of Saint Naum was established to celebrate on 23 December in commemoration of the assumption. However, following consultation of the priest of our village with the Metropolitan Theokletos decided to celebrate on 20 June, the day of Saint’s relics. The above decision was taken because of bad weather during the month of December, which prevented the attendance of the faithful in the church. For the same reasons, the feast of the Holy Monastery in Ohrid was moved from 23 December to 20 June, also with a special act of the Archbishop Ioasaf from Ohrid, in May 1745.
   There are two churches in different countries that celebrate the same saint at the same day with great reverence, cultural events and many people.