Nereida Panolli: An eye on English and Albanian idioms as an essential part of these languages

In this article the object of study are the English and Albanian idioms from the structural, semantic, grammatical & lexical point of view. By idioms it is meant the use of words which is peculiar to a particular language. In both languages non-motivated word-groups are described as phraseological units or idioms: red flower – motivated; red tape – non-motivated (democratic method); heavy weight – motivated; heavy weight – non-motivated (serious part in a theatrical play); ia kreh floket – motivated; ia kreh bishtin – non-motivated (say nice things to sb. just to please him/her).
According to Noah Webster's dictionary an idiom is defined as: 1) a peculiar way of saying something which has become established after long use. 2) an expression whose meaning cannot be predicted from the usual meanings of its constituent elements. 3) a style of artistic expression characteristic of a particular individual, school, period or medium.