Kotopoulos H. Triantafyllos, Papantonakis Georgios, Nanou Vassiliki: Creative Writing, Suspenseful Literature and Excited Students

Teachers struggle daily to get their students interested in the literary texts they have to read for their classes. As the current situation poses several encumbrances in the form of curriculum norms, students’ disinterest, limited school time and out-dated course books, we propose the insertion of Creative Writing into the teaching of Literature and explore its prospective use in the classroom. We suggest that the particular use of suspenseful Literature, through the teaching of its notions of suspense and cliff-hanger and its techniques, has the ability to transform the classroom into a reading community, where the children will be intrigued enough to read suspenseful literary texts, analyse their meanings and story evolution and finally create their own stories, based on what they have learned. Such a module outline is presented in the end.