Korosidou Eleni: Implementing Project-based Learning in an EFL Class: Process and Evaluation

The present paper outlines the design and implementation process of a pilot EFL (English as a Foreign Language) project, which integrates content and language learning. Over the last years, an interest has spread to EFL classrooms around the world regarding Content Based Instruction (CBI), which “refers to the concurrent teaching of academic subject matter and second language skills” (Brinton et al, 1989, p. 2). CBI integrates foreign language with content learning, putting great emphasis on learning about something rather than learning about language. In such a context, where learners’ needs and interests are put in the center of the learning process, learners are provided with a variety of opportunities for stimulating motivation and expressing themselves creatively while learning English at the same time.
The purpose of the project implemented was to develop young learners’ language skills in English, through integrating English language learning with another subject- Geography. The project was piloted in two fifth grade (5th) classrooms of a Greek primary school. The results of the intervention project indicated the positive effects of the project on students’ oral and written skills and their attitude towards foreign language learning.