Katerina Katsika: Implementation of wiki projects in the foreign language classroom

The implementation of web 2.0 tools in the foreign language (FL) classroom contributes to contemporary, active and experiential learning. The prominent feature that characterizes web 2.0 applications is the notion of “interactivity”. Rather than simply receiving information, the user is able to create, form and share the digital content with other users. Wikis constitute a prime example of learner generated material that can be integrated in the FL classroom.
The present paper intents to explore the different ways in which wikis can be integrated in the teaching/learning process in order to enhance language learning and teaching. In the first place, we provide a short explanation of how a wiki software works. In the second place, emphasis is given to the paradigms of constructivism, cooperative learning, connectivism, action-based learning and task-based learning that are supported by the usage of wikis in the classroom. In addition, the present paper proposes a variety of collaborative on-line wiki projects that can be used to the best interest of both learners and teachers. Finally, the benefits of implementing wiki projects in the FL classroom are analyzed.