Ioannis Sarigiannidis, Pirro Thomo, Eleni G. Gavra: The Ecclesiastical Architecture - Art in the greater region of Gjirokaster. Promotion of the local history through the educational institutions of the archdiocese

The presence and preservation of a very large number of monuments of Christian worship in Albania, is a fact. These range over a period time from the early Christian centuries until today.
Many of these monuments, due to their high artistic and architectural value, were placed under state supervision and listed as cultural preservation monuments during the atheistic regime of Enver Hotza. In this way, the monuments survived and were avoided from destruction.
After the collapse of the socialist regime, and with the election of Mr. Anastasios as the new Archbishop of Albania (1990), the condition of the monuments of Christian worship began to change gradually as a result of their maintenance, repair, and restoration. New churches have also been constructed from the remnants of old, and totally demolished ones that were beyond repair.
The Orthodox Church of Albania has continuously made enormous efforts for the salvage and preservation of this cultural heritage driven by the promotion of the rich and timeless Orthodox tradition in the country. At the same time, great concern has been shown by the Church in organizing education by the establishment schools at all levels.
The aim of this paper will be the promotion of post-Byzantine monuments in the greater Gjirokaster region (history, architecture, painting), the contribution of the Church in their salvage and promotion of local history through the educational institutions of the Church of Albania (institutions attended by mixed student populations - both Greek and Albanian).