Georgios Nikolaou, Aikaterini T. Papadia: A comparison of the educational performance of students attending IPS and MPS on abilities crucial for school learning and adaptation


The most important achievement in Intercultural education, in Greece, was the establishment of Intercultural Primary Schools (IPS) for the education of students with special training, social, cultural or educational needs. Nowadays, there are many Intercultural Primary Schools, which have been converted into schools for foreigners, because in most of the cases Greek parents hesitate to send their children to these schools due to the students’ cultural differentiation and linguistic diversity. As a result, Intercultural Primary Schools are largely schools for children of lower social classes and are associated with low performance and school failure of the foreign students. The goal of the present study was the examination and comparison of students’ performance in an IPS with those of students’ in a Mainstream Primary School (MPS). It emerges that students of Intercultural Primary Schools have lower performance in skills which are related with linguistic ability.