Fatbardha Gjini, Johana Myftiu: Applying social psychology for understanding and managing

Students’ failure at school, violence, disinterest and other problems need to be clarified,highlighted and analysed, in order to suggest ways of action, possible solutions and mprovements.  The consequences of these problems will affect not only the individual well-being of the students but will have implications for the society as a whole.
Training students in education faculties about school problem management serves the professional and practical formation of the teachers of tomorrow, by reducing the gap between theory and practice. The application of social-psychological principles at school can help increase  the student involvement, make more positive their attitudes toward the school, reduce their feelings of failure and negative emotions and  increase their level of aspiration and performance. Self-concept, stereotypes, social context of the school, dynamics and social interactions, have many powerful implications on students’ performance. These are some issues that will be object of this article, where we give some recommendations for teachers in training, in order to prevent and help resolve the social problems of their future students.