Fabiola Kadi: Religious Poetry, its Influence and Perception by Present Day Readers

This topic, in the era of materialism and relativism, has been frequently neglected in literary studies. The study is based on two well-known French Christian poets, who were extraordinary personalities of French literature: Paul Claudel, Charles Péguy and the way they are perceived in our days.  It also provides information on the poetry appreciation of these two poets from many literary critics, poets, as well as atheist literary critics.
Based on these analyses, we conclude that poetry with religious themes not only has great esthetic value, but it is worthy of our attention.
As a special sort of poetry, we are of the opinion that it shouldn’t be read and studied only by religious people. Nowadays, man's life is changing rapidly, there is no security, the problems and misfortunes are often greater than the joys and happy moments. We, as readers and students, need to find another reality in the religious poetry, different from what we face every day. Our aim is to emphasize the fact that religious poetry should be read and studied in our schools, in our colleges and in our universities. It enables us to judge things differently, in order to throw light on the darkness of bad moments, encouraging people to hope and see their future positively and optimistically.