Dora Chostelidou, Listening skills development: The effect of the implementation of an ESAP module


The aim of the study has been to identify the effect of a teaching intervention which was designed with the aim to improve listening skills among Greek tertiary education students on the basis of assessment of their perceived needs and deficiencies. The adopted approach to enhancing listening skills, which was used for developing the listening component of an ESP syllabus, emerged from the data collected through the students’ questionnaires and interviews as part of a needs analysis project. Experimental research design was employed; the students’ scores in a pre- and post-test instrument were analyzed by means of ANOVA. The post-intervention data revealed that the experimental group outperformed the control group in terms of test scores while between-groups comparison indicated statistically significant differences in listening skills performance of the experimental group. The results thus, provide support for the efficacy of the adopted needs-based approach to listening skills development.