Dion Tushi, Suela Mangelli: Authors and documents in the Vlach (Aromanian) language

This paper begins with a presentation of the most important documents written in Vlach (Aromanian) language in Voskopoja. Then we focus on the development of Greek language and education in Voskopoja, which directly contributed to laying the foundations of using Vlach language, or otherwise known as the dialect Kucovllah.
Under the trail of such cultivation, our attention captures a codex of Kastrica monastery in Ioannina. This codex has been defined as a work written back in the XVIII century. Its content is religious, mainly constituted by ecclesiastical hymnology in Vlach and Bulgarian language.
The Dimone codex – the primary chief bases of Vlach language will also be a significant part of our paper. Researchers debate on the codex originality and its authorship.
The research paper also manifests the efforts of Voskopoja people in Diaspora for the continuation of traditions. Since early, as education and culture were developing in Voskopoja, a division between the citizens was highlighted: those who preferred their education in the Greek language and those who aimed education in Vlach language and promoted the cultivation of this language.
Some other distinguished written works of Vlach grammatology are the grammars of Mihail G. Bojaxhiu, Kostandin Okutns and Joan Maksimi.