Argiris Archakis, Anna Fterniati, Dimitris Papazachariou, Villy Tsakona & Vasia Tsami: Mapping elementary school students’ preferences for mass cultural literacy practices

The aim of the present study is to explore students’ preferences in literacy practices related to mass cultural texts. It focuses on Greek elementary school students of the 5th and 6th grade (11-12 year-olds) in an effort to map their favorite mass cultural genres and to explore whether social parameters such as gender, ethnic and social background, and school performance influence such preferences. The data of the study was collected via questionnaires from 5 public elementary schools in the prefecture of Achaia, Greece. The findings of the study indicate that students show a clear preference for mass cultural texts which involve moving images, oral and written discourse, and music, while they enjoy less those which involve only written discourse and still images. Their preferences may be (but are not always) correlated with their gender, ethnic and social background, and school records. Hence, textbooks and language teaching in general could benefit from the exploitation of multimodal mass cultural texts to cultivate students’ literacy skills and involvement in language courses.