Ardjana Braja, Hasim Braja: The important elements to evaluate writing in foreign language

The long teaching experience of a foreign language, the contact with many teachers of foreign language, the observations in many different schools have deeply increased our belief that the practices to evaluate the skills in writing in Albania are far from those suggested by the researchers and studies in this field nowadays. The workshop intends to answer these questions: Which are the main problems in writing in a foreign language? How much it affects the clearness of the questions, teaching, the preciseness of the criteria in the correction and the evaluation in the results of the writing? Which are the causes that are linked with the correction and the evaluation of the written tasks in Albanian schools? The workshop is concentrated in a specific way in the high schools of Albania whose characteristics reflect more this problem. The results of this workshop will help the teachers to improve evaluation and teaching activities, and even the methodologists to define the most efficient methodology to improve the skills of writing in a foreign language.