Anna Fterniati, Argiris Archakis, Villy Tsakona, Vasia Tsami: Media and literacy: Evidence from elementary school students’ literacy practices and the current teaching practices in Greece


Mass cultural genres have recently started being part of school curricula, since texts such as TV shows, comics, magazine articles, songs, and webpages form a significant part of students’ everyday literacy practices. In this context, the exploitation of mass cultural texts in language arts aims at cultivating students’ literacy skills. The present study first offers a brief overview of the literature on whether and to what degree the current Greek elementary school teaching material takes into consideration, and makes use of, students’ everyday experiences and habits. Then, it investigates students’ access to media where mass cultural genres can be found, as well as their literacy practices related to mass cultural genres. The data presented here comes from a research conducted in 5 public elementary schools in the prefecture of Achaia, Greece, where 165 students of the 5th and the 6th grade participated (11-12 year-olds). The findings of the study indicate that elementary school students have easy access to mass culture media, while their most common literacy practices involve watching TV programs and surfing the net. Such practices, however, have not so far been taken into consideration for the compilation of Greek language teaching material. Consequently, our findings could form the basis for specific proposals concerning the mass cultural genres which could be included in Greek elementary school teaching material.

MENON: Journal Of Educational Research, (ISSN: 1792-8494)

Full article: ISSUE 2b, 2013 (p. 58-70)