Edlira Xega: Contextualization of intercultural aspects displayed in English textbooks in the Albanian classes, Korca city


The aim of this study is to identify intercultural aspects that appear in the English textbooks in the Albanian context. It emphasises the lifelong learning aspect of education, and the need of expanding capacities and facilitating relations among learners belonging to different cultures. It is seen how some of the defining principles, pedagogical methods, subject specific skills and intercultural activities treated in the English textbooks, relate to the realities of classroom practice in Albanian educational system syllabuses. It is an investigation of the background knowledge and learning experience of Albanian learners engaged in the study of English through English textbooks applied in different school levels in Korca city, elementary schools, Albania. I have done experimental research in the form of a questionnaire survey, and a survey on some intercultural activities organised in classrooms. I am focused on Albanian learners’ perceptions of how the cultural diversity between Albanian and English intersects with the pedagogical aim of promoting learner awareness of cultural differences, when the context of study is an Albanian area of study. The results of the questionnaire  for the intercultural activities, held in different school levels support for the efficacy for fostering cross- cultural and intercultural perspectives

MENON: Journal Of Educational Research, http://www.kosmit.uowm.gr/site/journal (ISSN: 1792-8494)
Full article: ISSUE 2a, 2013 (p. 22-34)