Vasilika POJANI, Benita STAVRE: A contrastive insight into some english problematic sounds for the albanian students of EFL


The aim of this paper is to identify the difficult sounds and phonemes, the EFL Albanian students encounter during their language learning. By presenting the physiology of the sounds pronunciation and articulation, the Albanian students become aware of the non-compliant features for some problematic English sounds, which either differ in their articulation or do not exist at all in the sound system of their native language. Based on the long experience of English phonetics and Phonology teaching to EFL students at the Faculty of Education and Philology, we undertook this comparative study to describe the theoretical background of these sounds articulation in order to minimize students’ difficulties in learning pronunciation and to help them acquire good command of English language. Despite being a descriptive paper, we strongly believe that it will serve as a reference material not only for Albanian students, but also for teachers of EFL in other countries to build similar patterns of contrastive insight between English sounds and the respective native language of their students.
MENON: Journal Of Educational Research, (ISSN: 1792-8494)
Full article: ISSUE 2a, 2013 (p. 5-12)